Question: How much does your service cost?
Answer: Our service is completely free to patients and is paid for by the doctor or clinic that you choose.

Question: How much does liposuction cost?
Answer: Liposuction is much more affordable in Thailand when compared to the western world, however the price depends on which part(s) of the body you wish to have liposuction. Other factors are the liposuction technology used and also how much fat is to be removed as this can impact the length of the procedure.

Question: How can you help me find the best Doctor for my Liposuction?
Answer: Since 2011 we have been working in the medical tourism field. We understand the requirements and needs of patients who visit Thailand for medical procedures. We also know of the risks and issues that face thousands of medical tourists who come to Thailand each year for procedures. By using our service, we can help you find the right clinic for your specific procedure and requirements. We can ensure that your procedure is performed by a fully accredited and licensed Doctor, who excels in the field of liposuction.