Liposuction in Thailand

Liposuction is a great way to quickly remove unwanted body fat that will in return help give your body that great toned look you simply haven't been able to achieve through dieting and exercise. Getting liposuction in Thailandis very popular amongst tourists, making Thailand a preferred medical tourism destination. There are many benefits to be had in visiting Thailand for liposuction and other plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. It is very safe, there are expert certified surgeons who have performed 1000's of successful operations, and most of all it is much more affordable than having procedures, like liposuction, performed back home in western countries.

Thailand is very well known for its beautiful beaches & islands, friendly hospitality, and affordability. When you have liposuction in Thailand, you will be treated and cared for at our world class clinic by our fluent English speaking doctors and nurses. When you checkout from the clinic, you can enjoy the rest of your time in Thailand by having a relaxing holiday at a top 5 star resort at one of Thailand's many famous destinations. Whilst on your holiday you can experience the world famous hospitality of the Thai people and experience the wonderful Thai culture. At the end of your medical holiday, having your procedure and a holiday in Thailand is still very likely to be much more affordable than staying and having liposuction performed at home!

Here at our clinic we offer newer, more advanced liposuction fat removal procedures using VASER® body sculpting techniques. We are the only clinic in Thailand to be certified in The Art of Body Sculpting VASER® Hi Def related Application. You can verify this by viewing the following link that shows that we are the only clinic listed on the official VASER® Hi Def website. We provide two types of VASER fat removal procedures and they are,liposuction procedures in Thailand

  • Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture, or VASER® Hi Def
  • VASER® Liposuction

For more information about our different procedures please visit our liposuction Thailand page.